Giving Writers Voice and Visibility

I just want to write – do it all for me

  • I want my books published by someone I can trust to do it right
  • I hate Social Media but I know it’s important and I need help
  • I’d like to buy your books – you are a publisher and maybe you will publish my book and sell it in your store too.
  • QP will coach you in all aspects of writing as a career: from leaving your IP as a legacy to your children to selling and marketing a fantasy blockbuster to a million readers online.
  • We at QP give you the opportunity to make these dreams real, one easy supported step at a time.
  • We’ll be gentle and patient – I promise.
  • We also help families of writers to publish the works of their deceased loved ones.


Publishing Coaching

The launch party for your book:- dozens of admiring friends and family and fans of your work gather in an elegant room to talk about your amazing work. to celebrate your achievements. The reality is, you have been rejected, no publisher wants your work and those precious words are locked up on your laptop where they may never see the eyes of a reader.

Self Publishing – it’s really hard and there’s not time to learn all that stuff about uploading, formatting, editing and cover design.

I just want my book published!

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Book Store

Select to purchase books direct from our writers and authors. This means more money is paid per purchase to your favourite writer so they will feel encouraged to write more.

Ebooks in Kindle and Kobo formats.

Printed books signed by the author.


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