Social Media

I was afraid of marketing, I felt useless at it because I didn’t understand what marketing was. I hoped it was something like placing newspaper advertisements and that these would magically give me visibility.

Life changed and it doesn’t work like that anymore, if marketing ever did.

Half of all you do when running a business for yourself needs to be marketing.

That’s awful isn’t it? But the truth is, without marketing your books or service you will be invisible. No one will know you exist. That equals fail – right?

I’ve learned to love social media, and the challenges of marketing to strangers and getting visible out there in the wider world.

If I’ve learned to love Social Media and get my head around marketing then maybe you can too?

Really, it can be exciting and fun. You can be yourself on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In … and there’s new ones to be discovered all the time like Bingbing.

For writers blogging once a week isn’t hard either.

For an hourly rate I can teach you, encourage you, provide you with tools to make social media and market visibility simple.


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